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Hotel Bookings.

Hotel bookings can be done through the online websites, over the phone or through e-mail. But it will be valid only after your advance payment reaches the hotel's bank account. Also you can use one of your relative or friend or travel agent to book the hotel room and make the advance payment on behalf of yourself.
Type of Rooms.

There are suites, single rooms, double rooms and rooms to accommodate small families with A/C. Non A/C rooms are used to be provided with ceiling fans. All the rooms used to have attached bath rooms and mosquito nets. There are piped music and private TV in the room along with the intercom where your incoming calls can be directed to you from local or overseas by the reception. Mini bar and refrigerators too are offered by some hotels. In Sri Lanka most of the hotels offer Free Wi-Fi for their guests to access the internet through their devices.

Some rooms are fitted with balcony facility where you can sit and relax or can have your morning coffee and paper. Barbeque facilities too are offered on your room balcony by some hotel management.

Check in and Checkout. Check in and checkout is normally set at 12.00 noon. Although it is better to ask about this before you book your hotel room.

You have to book your rooms earlier as there will be big rush during the Tempe festival season and wedding season in Jaffna. In these time most of the Tamil people staying in the foreign countries used to visit their homeland, Jaffna.

Most of the Tamil expatriates used to visit their relatives and friends in Jaffna to attend their temple festivals in the month of August.

Jaffna Climate

Around December rainy season.
Around April hot climate.

Jaffna is a dry land, even though it contains green pasture and vegetation all around it, due to getting annual monsoon rainfall. There are no mountains, rivers or deserts in the Jaffna district even though it got many places named after mountains and rivers.

April is very hot season in Jaffna where the temperatures can reach 33.4°C / 92.1°F in day time. Likewise December poses the cool temperatures of 25°C / 78.4°F and it is the time for the monsoon rainy season.

During the hot April season butter milk is consumed by people living over there to control their thirst. Also Palmyra tree liquids too are consumed a lot during these hot months by some men after the hard day of work.

So adjust your trip to the Jaffna district according to the local climate that can suite yourself. If you can manage this then you can go ahead with the hotel room booking for your pleasant stay over there.

Also when you are here staying in Jaffna, before using any of the hotel services (Laundry, transport, etc) ask for the price and if you are suspicious of the price ask for the bill for that particular service.

Regarding your hotel booking cancellations, read their conditions or contact the hotel management and verify it.

If you feel happy or ripped about your Jaffna trip, please send us your comments and we will publish them here if they are good.

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