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Motorbike Riders.

7:59 PM 11/03/2018

Motorbike riders and scooter riders used to flock the Jaffna roads early morning and in the evening. Some time these people used to ride in paralell, while speaking to each other.
Riding a motorcycle in Jaffna is the easy way to commute quickly. Most buses are small and crowdy while the meter less tuk tuk are expensive when compared to Colombo tuk tuk's. While riding in Jaffna take much care, as there are thousands of motorbikes on the roads. Also watch out for those lady drivers who believe in their leg brakes rather than the scooter's brakes.

Many tourists prefer to hire or rent motorbikes to travel around or to reach their destinations between cities. Tourist can park their motorbikes in the hotel premise free of charge. Some of them even like to have off road motorcycles to ride along with a local guide who can take them to the UNESCO world heritage sites that are numbering eight sites in Sri Lanka.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Sri Lanka.

  1. Sacred city of Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka
  2. Sacred city of Kandy.
  3. Ancient city of Polonnaruwa
  4. Ancient city of Sigiriya.
  5. Golden Temple of Dambulla.
  6. Old town of Galle along its fortifications
  7. Sinharaja Forest Reserve.
  8. Central Highlands, Sri Lanka.

Here are some important information for the Motorcycle and Scooter riders in Sri Lanka.

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