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Sri Lanka Current Situation.

9:26 AM 01/09/2019

Some flash floods were reported in the Northern Province specially in the Kilinochchi District due monsoon rains. Now the conditio0n is under control.

Sri Lanka is moving on Democratic path as usual. There is no serious political unrest over here. People are moving freely with their routine business and work. Some parts of the Northern Sri Lanka are experienced heavy rain falls. And in this area some places are under the torrential rain floods. The normal life is interrupted over these areas and Sri Lanka Government is taking flood relief efforts through the Government offices. So far the train routes are not affected and all the Trains are running as per schedule.


10:44 AM 03/12/2018

Now peace is prevailing all over Sri Lanka.

Some area's in the Kandy district came under night curfew after some communal unrest. No tourists were harmed or injured during this trouble period. All the tourists were protected by the Sri Lanka police and the Armed Forces. Mean while the Sri Lanka Tourist Board had set up a call center for solely for the visiting tourists. Sri Lanka has declared a state of emergency during the unrest period. This isnothing against the visiting tourists. People all over Srilanka are going on their normal duties and functions. Public transport including busses and trains are operating as usual. The Cities like Colombo, Jaffna , Negombo, Galle and Matara are not affected by even by a single unwanted events.

Most of the Foreign Missions had not issued any warning for their citizens who are coming as tourists to Sri Lanka. Tourists are moving freely and walking in the streets alone even in night times. So if you are intending to have your holidays in Sri Lanka, you can go with your plans as usual.

Is it safe to visit Sri Lanka now?

Yes, it is safe to do so.
If you are suspicious about the situation in Sri Lanka, you can verify it through your country consular office in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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