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Camping in Jaffna.

11:21 AM 10/13/2018

Caming in Jaffna is not a big thing as not much special places are available for it. Visitors to the Northern Province specially to Jaffna used to look for Camping sites and camping equipments to stay in the nature to enjoy the local life. It is notable to see that there are not any specially reserved camping sites or camping equipment providers in the North for the visiting tourists. You may see come camps in the forest areas, but they are erected by local poor people who are mostly displaced by the past war and are looking for new housing units.It is better to stay in cheaper hostels or use the home stay for economical way.

If you are interested to go on camping in any places in the Jaffna district then you must bring your own equipments from Colombo or from nearby towns. There are some companies are offering camping caravans and like that type of facilities at affordable rental price. You can rent such camping caravans them out and bring them to Jaffna. But most places may lack running water, Electricity and cooking gas service. Mostly you have to depend on generators, large bottled water bottles and camping gas cyclinders.

In the remote side of the Jaffna areas you won't find out even bath rooms. You can use the public wells where you can draw water from the well and can bath. It is a nice experience as the water is fresh and cool. Also you can find water ponds that are used by the village people used to bath. In some place there are huts made of leaves and the walls are stuffed with mud. The ground too is made with clay and made to be smooth to sleep on. Most of these huts can be rented out. The important thing is that these huts don't have doors or windows. But will offer you totally thrilling experience to stay over there and you can wake to the sounds of nearby birds, cows, dogs and roosters.

Also there you can find tree top huts that are made for the farmers which you can rent out from the local people for 2 - 3 days or till the time you end with your local tour. Every where you can find bottled mineral water and international brand soft drinks. So go to north Sri Lanka to find new way of living and joy.

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