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Nallur Temple

Nallur Kandasamy Temple is one of the popular places in Jaffna where lot of people visit here daily for to offer prayers to Lord Muruga.

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Nainatheevu is an Island with worshiping places which were built in the ancient times. It is called Nagadeepa in Sinhala.

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Sri Lanka Visitor Visas.

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Hotels in Sri Lanka.

7:19 AM 4/5/2024

Hotels in Sri Lanka offer best hospitality and services for the visiting Tourists. This makes Sri Lanka to be one of the top tourist destinations in the South East Asia Region. Flights and passenger ships used to bring in lot of tourists to this island Nation. Most of the tourists who are visiting here used to spend their holidays at the sunny beaches where most of the luxury hotels and ordinary Hotels are built. Now Hotels here are charging moderate room charges from the visiting tourists. Hotel Suits in Colombo city are popular with the visiting USA guests.

All the hotels in Colombo, are going to celebrate the 2024 Sinhala and Tamil New Year in style from the evening till dawn. Lot of meals, drinks, live bands, DJ Music with dancing floor will be provided to the guests. They charge affordable entrance ticket price from the guests. Lot of people used to reserve their seats for this event in advance.

Colombo Hotels are now too busy as Tourists are flocking the Island nation for to spend their Holidays. So, it is very important to book your Colombo room early as they are in short supply and in full demand. It is better to go for full board (Bed and Breakfast) rooms as they are not expensive than the Band B rooms. Most of the hotels offer Buffet meals for their guests at the noon and dinner time.

Colombo Hotels are available for the visiting Tourists. Sri Lanka is free to wander without face mask. In addition, on your arrival at Colombo Airport it is not necessary to show your vaccination cards. In addition you can fill your arrival and Departure cards online.

5 Star hotels are available all over Sri Lanka while more new ones are being built to cater the needs of the increasing tourist’s arrivals. Many local hotels are managed with the foreign hotel chains to offer better in house service and dining experience. Also they provide health related facilities and other recreations facilities to the tourists. In Jaffna there is one 4 Star Hotel is available along with other kinds of hotels.

Sri Lanka offers different kinds of accommodations ranging from luxurious suites to budget accommodation. Eco hotels, river side hotels, hotels next to forests, hotels in the paddy fields, beach hotels and many more different theme hotels are available here and all of them are fully insured and are monitored by the Sri Lanka tourism ministry. During the Europe's winter season, here used to be shortage of rooms in the hotels as European and Asian tourist used to flock here during these times.

In Sri Lanka people used to speak English as their second language, and the visiting tourist may not have problem with communicating with the local people. Your hotel may be located near to place that you want to explore in this tropical island.

You can book Srilanka hotel rooms online or through your travel agent in advance before your arrival. All the hotels used to provide transport service to and from Colombo airport with A/C vehicles that are fully insured. It is better to book rooms through the internet using the online room booking facility as it is easy to compare hotels and to find the proper one. In Colombo 5 Stars hotels with suites, lean luxury hotels, boutique hotels to simple accommodation hotels and Bungalows, Villas, and service apartments too are available for you to choose and spend your holidays. Most of the 5 star class hotels are located in the Colombo city and within the surrounding areas, while the beach resorts and cultural sites too have some 5 Star hotels near to them. Also check for Resort hotels, Airport Hotels, Business Hotels and Boutique Hotels.

Hotel Special Offers.

In Star class hotels in Sri Lanka used to offer business centers, secretarial services, workstations, auditorium and many other things for business meetings and small conferences to support the international business community who used to visit here. Hotels and transport sector are fully covered with Insurance policies. Those people visiting Sri Lanka are requested to have their own travel insurance plans to support them when they are in emergencies. Also they may need special Insurance policy to cover their sports and other activities.

Local hotels used to provide airport pick up and airport drop service at an affordable price. Vehicles are marked and they are fully insured. There are A/C vehicles, buses, coaches and vans that are used to transport single or group Transit passengers who want to stay in Hotel can find hotels located near to airports. Most of the hotels here offer leisure and recreation clubs.  Some of them may have dress code. If you are interested in them check with them over the phone.

Most of the Srilanka hotels used to offer free Wi-Fi service to their patrons. To benefit from the Free Wi-Fi connection, contact the hotel staff at the lobby to get the username and the password of their Wi-Fi service. Also these hotels used to offer IDD call facilities as room service at affordable cost. All the Star hotels have their own websites to introduce themselves to the world of travelers and used to provide instructions on how to book their rooms online. Don't forget to read their cancellation rules, before you pay and reserve your rooms.

Meanwhile lot of Resorts are offering Full Boarding at the Price of Rs 20,000/- per day

To contact a Colombo hotel from a Jaffna Hotel by phone, dial 011 first, as it is the Colombo code for landlines. To connect with a Jaffna hotel from Colombo dial 021 which is Jaffna town's telephone code.

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