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Nallur Temple

Nallur Kandasamy Temple is one of the popular places in Jaffna where lot of people visit here daily for to offer prayers to Lord Muruga.

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Nainatheevu is an Island with worshiping places which were built in the ancient times. It is called Nagadeepa in Sinhala.

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Sri Lanka Visitor Visas.

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Hotels In Northern Sri Lanka (Jaffna).

7:00 AM 2/21/2024

Hotels in Northern Sri Lanka (Jaffna) are far different from the Hotels in the USA or in Europe. Jaffna town is not a well developed city like New York City or Tokyo city. But it is one of the flourishing new city in Srilanka that is coming out of the ravage that it had seen from the recently finished war. This city offers plenty of Star class hotels in and around it including one 4 star hotel. There is no shortage for scenic places and of activities. Tourists can go on cycling, hiking; jogging and swimming. This town consists of a public market, general hospital, private hospitals, central bus stand, railway station and other important places. Private and Government banks are located in one location surrounded by narrow streets where people, cars, buses, three wheelers, motorcycles and bicycles are rushing in and out of it on any given working day.  Sunday and Poyaday are considered as holiday and Government and private shops used to be closed here. So come to Jaffna and enjoy your stay in superb Hotels that are available in Jaffna.

Due to Nallur Temple Annual festival there used to be a big demand for the Hotel Rooms in Jaffna in this year 2024. Also nearly all the private homes too are booked by the visiting Tamil tourists. If you are a foreigner and happened to stay in a Jaffna Hotel around the Sinhala - Tamil New Year you may be invited to the hotel staff's New year Celebration events.

With these superior Hotels there are many lodges too are available here. They are well maintained and with plenty of amenities. Most of them are not registered with the authorities even though they operate as like a registered one. They are inside or very close to the town center. While the other hotel and lodges are located nearby small towns and in villages. These places are providing 220V A/C electricity provided by the government supply grid. Although they have their own electricity generators for standby use when there is power interruption from the main grid. You are allowed to charge your mobile phone in your room while other kind electric usage is not allowed. Water is taken from the deep wells that are located in each and every property and it is good for drinking too. If you are too much concerned about the health of yourself and your family, then you can buy bottled mineral water in 19, 5, 1, 0.5 lit size at reasonable price from the hotel management or shops near the hotels vicinity. Popular brand international soft drinks are freely available and you can consume them as cold or at room temperature in which are available small or mega size plastic bottles at standard price. Canned soft drinks too are available for sale.

Hotels offer A/C and non A/C rooms. If the room is not an A/C one then you can expect ceiling fan to be available in the room. You may ask for extra bed or mats and pillows for young children. Also can find good swimming pools too but not suitable for deep water diving. Take prevention against mosquitoes and other insects when you are staying in the rooms that are located in the remote areas.

Take care while walking or driving as right hand drive is followed here. Most of the vehicles and motor cycles used to travel on the center of the road to avoid accidents. If there is any vehicle coming in the opposite direction, then only they will move to their proper side. Believe it, you can get in traffic Jam caused by bicycles during the school closing time at noon. Sometime 4, 5 cycles will travel in parallel while all the riders will be talking to each others. So don't be confused about the traffic over there. Internet, IDD, postal service, banking and courier services are working perfectly in this area. It is not allowed to send money from here to foreign countries. To send money to foreign countries, you must get special permission from the Sri Lanka Central Bank.

Here are some of the Jaffna hotels that are providing food and accommodations.

  • Cosy Hotel and Restaurant
  • Yarl Paddy Residency
  • The Thinnai
  • Jaffna Heritage Hotel
  • Expo Pavilion
  • Iyanar Guest House
  • Kumaran Tourist Inn
  • Green Grass Hotel & Restaurant
  • Blur Haven Hotel
  • Yarl RestInn
  • Swarkka Hotel
  • Gnanams Hotel

    Resorts: Fox Jaffna, Kokuvil, Jaffna.
    Reecha Kurinji Resort, Kilinochchi.
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