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Colombo to Jaffna Train Service.

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Regular train services are being operated by the Sri Lanka Government Railways between Colombo and Jaffna Town on daily basis. There are 4 trains services available from Jaffna and Colombo and on weekends one more special train service is too operating. Mean while check with the authorities whether there is a second night mail is scheduled or not. As per the Sri Lanka Railways, 4 trains are starting from Colombo while 4are starting from Jaffna station daily. Train seats can be booked or reserved 30 days prior to your journey. Tickets are available from computerized railway stations for advance bookings. You can buy normal priced tickets at any station at the time of your travelling for un-reserved compartment seats.



Currently a fully air-conditioned Chinese built Luxury train is operating between the Jaffna town and the Colombo city, where the ticket price is Rs 1,500/- for any of the available seat. This Colombo bound train can reach Jaffna town by 7 hours of running time. This is the popular one with the Jaffna bound travelers.

All compartments are manned with official ticket checkers and no standing passengers are allowed in the compartment. Likewise small time vendors too are not allowed in the compartments.

Train seat booking facility is available for first, second and third class carriages along with Sleeper compartments. For example 2nd class reserved seat in the Intercity can be booked for Rs 800, one way at the respective railway station. Lot of people use these trains to travel to the North, so make your seat booking early as possible. During the Nallur festival, they used to attach extra First Class Compartments.

All the Jaffna bound trains used to start from Colombo Fort except the 05.15 AM Air-conditioned train which used to start from Mount Lavania and used to travel via Wellawatte and Colombo Fort to Jaffna. Likewise all the Jaffna -Colombo bound trains used to finish their journey in Colombo Fort station except the A/C train which will travel up to Mt.Lavania Station.

You can make advance booking for seats on 3rd class train compartment for the price of Rs 500/-.

At the Colombo Fort railway station you can find tourist ticket counter. This is arranged for the tourists to get their train tickets easily and they can make seat reservation to any destination the Srilanka railways can take them. Most popular destination with the tourists are Kandy and Ella. Train journey between Kandy and Ella is considered as beautiful and scenic one by world class travelers.

1st class, 2nd class and 3rd class compartments are available depending the train's service time. Both the reserved and unreserved seats are available in the trains. You can simply go to the railway station and can buy a 3rd class ticket 15 minutes before the journey and go to the announced platform and can get in to the compartment to start the journey. If you are lucky you can find a good window side seat which is preferred by most of the people for a comfortable journey.

Intercity Express serves between Colombo and Jaffna town with 2nd and 3rd class reserved seats and buffet car. All the compartments used to have one Asian and Western WC system.

There are four train services are running daily from Colombo Fort via Vavuniya, Jaffna to Kankesanthurai.

Train booking can be cancelled 6 hours prior to your journey and there will be a 25% deducation will apply.

When you are booking your train seat, read the destination, date and time carefully. If there is any error, you are allowed to change in within 15 minutes from the ticket isuing time.
This E-Ticket should be shown at the entrance when you are entering the station.
Find your compartment and sit in your numbered seat.
Provide the ticket to the checker in the compartment and after inspection get it back, You have to hand over this E-Ticket at the station where you are leaving the train.

You can find many good hotels and lodges around the Jaffna railway station which used to accept online and over the phone room bookings for your pleasant stay over there.

Canteen service available at Colombo, Anuradhapura and Jaffna Railway stations.

Distance between Colombo and Jaffna is 397.8 km.

Source: Sri Lanka Railways

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