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Nallur Temple

Nallur Kandasamy Temple is one of the popular places in Jaffna where lot of people visit here daily for to offer prayers to Lord Muruga.

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Nainatheevu is an Island with worshiping places which were built in the ancient times. It is called Nagadeepa in Sinhala.


Sri Lanka Visitor Visas.

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Colombo To Jaffna Train Ticket Price.

5:57 AM 8/12/2023

Colombo to Jaffna Train Ticket Prices.

Colombo to Jaffna direct passenger train service had alreay started from Colombo and Jaffna..Currently there will be 3 train services are being offfered on daily basis (05:10am, 11:10Noon and Night Mail.).The route's trail run was made on 13th July 2023. Mewanwhile you can buy these train tickets going to nearby railway station and can purchase them from the staff/.The purchased train ticket should be used on the same day. It is not valid for other days. Also you can reserve your tickets before 30 days as usual. CGR had decided to start the Tourists express Train Service (Jaffna Odyssey Train) from 1st of August 2023 with superb comfortable train service. Jaffna Odyssey is expected to be priced at Rs 4,000/-, Rs 3,000 for the Second Class and the foreign Tourists will be given preference during seat booking time. Jaffna Odyssey will start from Colombo and Jaffna at night 10:00 pm)

Current Jaffna Trains on Daily Basis. Vavuniya Intercity, Yarldevi and Jaffna Mail Train. Two more trains as Intercity express and Yaal Nila which leaves from Colombo on Fridays and will start from Jaffna on Fridays. Yaal Nila ticket price is as First Class Rs 4,000/-, Second Class Rs 3,000/- and Third Class is Rs 2,000/-.

  • Colombo to Jaffna Train Ticket Price: Rs 3,200/- (First Class - Reserved )
  • Trains from Colombo to
    • Polgahawela: Rs 1,200/- up to Rs 3,200/-
    • Kurunegala: Rs 1,000/- up to Rs 3,200/-
    • Anuradhapura: Rs 1,200/- up to Rs 3,200/-
    • Vavuniya: Rs 1,600/- up to Rs 3,200/-
    • Kilinochchi: Rs 1,600/- up to Rs 3,200/-

Yarl Devi Train Ticket Price.
A/C Saloon - Reserved Ticket Price: Rs 2,800/-
Second Class Reserved Ticket Price: Rs 1,900/-

Uttaradevi Train Ticket Price.
First Class Ticket Price: Rs 3,200/-
Second Class Ticket Price: Rs 2,500/-

Third Class Ticket Price: Rs 1,800/-

Night Mail Train: First Class: Rs 3,200/-, Second Class: Rs 2,500/-, Third Class: Rs 1,800/-.

Yaal Nila (Jaffna Odyssey) Train Service. (Will commence from 01st of August 2023)
Starts at 22:00 pm from Colombo Fort and Jaffna.(Service is provided one day by one day.)
First Class Ticket Price: Rs 4,000/-
Second Class Ticket Price: Rs 3,000/-
Yaal Nila Express Train
Mount Lavania 22:00PM Fridays
Leaves Jaffna on Sundays.
A/C Saloon Jaffna Ticket Price: Rs 4,000/-
Second Class Ticket Price: Rs 3,000/-
Third Class Price: Rs 2,000/-

The Northern train line (Jaffna - Colombo) is now under renovation. Wait for it to be completed by the month of July 2023. This is due to repair works on the Northern train track. In the meantime other important destination train services are operating as usual Island wide. If you want to travel by train keep the nearest Railway Station's phone number to check about the service status of the train that you intended to travel. Increased fuel price had affected the train ticket prices too to be increased. 4 Train Services are being operating from Colombo to Jaffna and they are interupted around the Anuradhapura area. Currently best way to travel to Jaffna is by using the Direct Luxury Bus Service. Jaffna Bus Ticket price around Rs 3,000/-. Most of the Tamil people coming from America, Canada, EU Countries and Australia really disappointed as they can't travel a full journey to Jaffna in their favourite Yarl Devi and Uttaradevi Trains.

Jaffna Train Schedule.

1. Colombo Intercity 4021 {05:10 / 12:17}
2. Yarldevi 4077 (05:50 / 14:37)
3. Jaffna - Vavuniya Intercity - Uttaradevi 4017) (11:50 / 18:20)
4. Mail Train (Vavuniya Night Mail 4090) (20:00 / 04:39)
5. Special air conditioned Night Intercity Express train to Jaffna. Departure Mt Lavania Friday 10:00 PM. Returns on Sunday 10:00 PM. (8 hours Journey)

Air-conditioned Intercity Express Train leaves at Mt.Lavinia (Galkissa) at 05:10 am and used to reach Jaffna by 12:15 pm and will continue its journey up to Kankesanthurai Station. The train will start back from Kankesanthurai Station at 13:15 pm and will reach Colombo Fort railway Station by 20:00 pm. And this will continue its journey up to Mt.Lavinia(Galkissa). This Intercity Express train is powered by India's AC Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) engines. Meanwhile its compartments are increased to 10 from previous 5 numbers. The Train is run by Indian made train equipped with the latest technology by 2 power locomotives and compartments. They can take 360 seated passengers in them.


Comfortable seating.
Buffet car for dining.
TV and modern toilet facilities.
Passengers can buy e-tickets online for this train a month in advance.


Saturday Special from Matara to Jaffna via Colombo.( Check it out. Not in operation)

Train Name Departure Arrival
A/C Intercity Express 05:10 AM 12:15 PM
Yarl Devi 05:50 AM 15:20 PM
Train No: 4081* 08:50 AM 06:30 PM
Utharadevi (Express) 11:50 AM 06:15 PM
Sri Devi* 15:55 PM 22:22 PM
Train No: 4087* 07:15 PM 04:30 PM
Mail Train* 09:00 PM 05:10 AM
Matara Special (Sat)* 09:40 AM 05:07 PM


Utharadevi, Sri Devi and Sunday Special from Jaffna to Matara via Colombo.( Check it out, not in service)

Name of the Train Departure Arrival  
Utharadeve (Express) 06:10 AM 01:05 PM  
Train No 4082 06:25AM 04:05 PM  
Yarl Devi 09:35 AM 06:35 PM  
A/C Intercity Express 01:15 PM 08:00 PM  
Train No 4088 18:40 PM 04:30 AM
Night Mail Train 07:00 PM 04:17 AM  
Matara Special (Sunday) 08:20 AM 04:25 PM  

Sri Lanka Train Ticket Booking. New Procedure.

Tickets can be reserved up to 30 days prior to your travel date. Meanwhile tickets can be purchased at the time of your travel for unreserved classes. Train tickets can be reserved using your Dialog, Mobitel, Hutch and SLT phone services. Once ticket is reserved, you must visit the nearest ticket reservation centre to collect the tickets by paying the required ticket price and the applicable service charges. To Reserve Train seats you must provide the passenger's NIC/ Passport number through the provided Form at the Railway Station.
At the ticketing counter there is a form, which should be filled by the passenger to book the train seat. Provide the passenger's NIC or Passport number
Provide your Name, Phone number, Date and travel date. Hand over the form and reserve your seats, if they are available.
If there are any errors in the reserved tickets, it can be corrected within 15 minutes after obtaining the ticket.
If you find it later, then you must go for a cancellation and to reserve a new ticket.
Some station's seat reservation counter used to open at 8:00am and will close at 16:00 pm.
There are night mail trains running between Colombo and Jaffna, Batticaloa, Matale and Hatton railway stations..

Train Ticket Cancellation.

Reserved train tickets can be cancelled 24 hours prior to the departure of the train. 25% fee will be charged for the cancellation.
When cancelling Rs 3,200/- ticket you will get Rs 2,400/- as refund at the counter.
Sri Lanka Reserved Train Tickets can't be transferred to another person.

Sample Colombo to Jaffna Reserved Train Ticket.
How to find your compartment and seat number in the electronic Ticket printout? See here.

Colombo to Jaffna Train Ticket

Colombo to Jaffna Train

Source: Sri Lanka Railways

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