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Colombo - Jaffna Train Ticket Price.

05:38 AM 01/17/2019

Colombo to Jaffna train ticket prices may vary according to the class you wish to travel.
There are two kinds of seating facilities available for them.
1. Reserved seats. Can these tickets can be purchased up to 30 days prior to your journey.
2. Unreserved seats. Tickets will be available before the train's arrival.

New Train Ticket Prices 2019.

New train tickets prices are being charged from October 2018 onwards.
This is marked by 15% increase from the previous ticket prices.
So before you purchase or reserve a train ticket, check for the new train ticket price.

Here are the ticket price for the trains that are running between Colombo and Jaffna.
Tickets can be reserved up to 30 days prior to your travel plan. Meanwhile tickets can be purchased at the time of your travel for unreserved classes. Train tickets can be reserved using your Dialog, Mobitel, Etisalat and SLT phone services. Then you must visit the nearest ticket reservation centre to collect the tickets by paying the required ticket price and the applicable service charges.

COLOMBO TO JAFFNA TRAINS - DAILY 4 SERVICES. + Saturday Special from Matara via Colombo to Jaffna.
JAFFNA TO COLOMBO TRAINS - DAILY 4 SERVICES. + Sunday Special from Jaffna via Colombo to Matara.

Yarl Devi Ticket Price.

  • First Class Reserved: Rs 1,400/-
  • Second Class: Rs 900/-
  • Third Class: Rs 350/- Reserved Rs 600/-

Mail Train (Night time only) Ticket Price.

  • First Class Sleeparate: Rs 1400/-
  • Second Class: Rs 900/-
  • Third Class: Rs 350/- Reserved Rs 600/-

Jaffna - Colombo Uttaradevi (Intercity) Ticket Price.
New S13 Train Tickets are still not available.

  • First Class: Rs 1,400/-
  • Second Class Reserved: Rs 900/-
  • Third Class: Rs 350/- Reserved Rs 600/-

Colombo - Jaffna Express A/C Train New Ticket Price.

  • ONLY First Class Reserved: Rs 1,700/- (No Other Classes)
    (Ticket prices to Polgahawela: and Kurunegala: Rs 1,000.00. Anuradhapura: Rs 1,200.00, Vavuniya: Rs 1,500.00 and Kilinochchi: Rs 1,600.00)

Reserved tickets can be cancelled 3 hours prior to the departure. A 25% fee will be charged for the cancellation.
If there are any errors in the reserved tickets, it can be corrected within 15 minutes after obtaining the ticket.
There are night mail trains running between Colombo and Jaffna, Batticaloa, Matale and Hatton.

Why People Prefer Train Journey in Sri Lanka?

There are cheaper than bus services.
Reserved compartments used to have a Ticket Checker/Conductor. He won't allow anyone to travel in that carriage without a seat numbered ticket. So people feel safe.
Most of the Railway Stations are located next to town centers. So it is easy for the people to continue their journey with any of the route bus.
Most Government servants and Pensioners have free railway warrants to travel with the trains.
There are 67 long distance train services and 16 Numbers of Intercity train Services are being provided by the Sri Lanka Railway Department.

Uttara Devi (Dayata Kirula). Colombo - Jaffna Train.

Colombo to Jaffna Train

Source: Sri Lanka Railways

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