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Nallur Temple

Nallur Kandasamy Temple is one of the popular places in Jaffna where lot of people visit here daily for to offer prayers to Lord Muruga.

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Nainatheevu is an Island with worshiping places which were built in the ancient times. It is called Nagadeepa in Sinhala.

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Sri Lanka Visitor Visas.

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Mirissa Beach.

10:15 AM 5/5/2020

Mirissa Beach is very popular all over the world. It is considered as the top beach destination for tourists in Sri Lanka. It is beautiful, tidy and with less located in the Southern part of Sri Lanka. Transport service is available at its bst to reach this beach at any time of the day. Many people used to travel in the night to reach here in the mornings. Nearly all the visiting tourists used to explore this place and used to spend their beach holidays here. There is no limit to the available beach activities in this destination. Because of this many American and European tourists used to select this as their Honeymoon destination. This is one of the peaceful isolated beaches with Blue Ocean. You too can makes this as an ideal place for Honeymoon. People can find lot of Star Class hotels, Beach front hotels, and Beach Cabanas and many kinds of rooms around this beach area. Lot of them are best suited for Honeymoon Couples who look for privacy. Hotels here offer cheap Honeymoon packages for the newly married couples with real privacy and International dishes. Other than the Surfing and boarding you can go on Whale watching, Snorkeling, and Sailing or Ayurvedic spa in this beach area. Except for the rainy days it is considered as a real tropical beach with fun and leisure facilities. Top class cuisine and Dining facilities too available in this beach area. It is considered as one of the best beach for party gathering with BQ party.

If you are planning to visit India after your Holidays in Sri Lanka, then make Jaffna as your last destination in Sri Lanka. From here you can take flights to Indian Cities and this Jaffna airport is not a busy one. So you can depart very easily from here to India. Make sure you have valid India visa to enter there.

How to reach Mirissa?

  • By bus or vehicle. You will love this journey as it is beautiful all the way on both sides.
  • Mirissa beach is located 534 Km from Jaffna Town.
  • 150 Km from the commercial capital Colombo.
  • Mirissa beach is located 534 Km from Jaffna Town.
  • Mirissa is one of the village/town in the south coastal line in Matara District of Sri Lanka,
  • Mirissa beach is considered as one of the top beach in Sri Lanka. Specially US, German, Australia and UK tourists used to visit for their holidays over here. Most of the European tourist companies list this beach as the top holiday destination in Srilanka.
  • This beach is popular for the sunset and sunrise in the dry season. This sunset and sunrise attracts lot of Yoga interested people to this Mirissa Beach. Another popular activity in this beach area is surfing and Mirissa is a popular destination for the surfing youngsters from all over the world.

Yoga in Mirissa.

Yoga in Mirisssa should not be missed if you are visiting here. Attractive sunset and sunrise makes lot of yoga enthusiasts to come and stay in beach area. Plenty of Australian, German and US tourist come here to do their yoga practices in the Yoga Studios available in the beach areas. There are many yoga schools available in this area with Yoga certified instructors and teachers and the yoga schools used to intake lot of foreigners for the Yoga Teacher training courses. Best accommodations and meals are available here at affordable price. If you are an adventure loving person you can wander around this area and can enjoy the local foods too. Lot of Bakery's offer Hot dog's to freshly baked breads and some offer French bread too.

Surfing in Mirissa.

Mirissa is with clean blue water and it is popular with the surfers and considered as a hotspot in Sri Lanka, Offers point break location with intermediate level waves for great start off point for a run with nice turns. Mornings are the best time for the runs. The sea offers a good ride for beginners and experienced surfers. Mirissa beach is an unpopulated beach. Surf boards are available for hourly rental in the beach area. Other surfing spots near to the Mirissa beach are Unawatuna Bay, Midigama, Matara and Gallé.

Mirissa Beach

Activities in Mirissa.

You can relax at the beach or can go on swimming. Can enjoy jogging, walking, cycling and many more activates with your partner or family members. Star class Hotels, cabanas and Villas are clean and tidy. Rooms are available at reasonable price with or without breakfast. For the lunch and dinner you can find good restaurants that offer best seafood dishes and other cuisines to satisfy you.

Transport in Mirissa area.

You can use private taxis, tuk tuk, train or public bus service to reach Mirissa Beach. Puublic transport is the best choice for you to reach Mirissa beach other than the tourist transport vehicles.

Hotels in Mirissa Beach Area.

  • Hangover Hostels
  • Surf Sea Breeze
  • Palace Mirissa
  • Morning Star Guest House
  • The Spice House Hotel
  • Palm Villa
  • Mandara Resort
  • Mirissa Hills
  • Hangover Hostels
  • Oasis Hotel
  • Sithnara Ayurveda Resort
  • Madunandani Ayurveda Health Resort & Spa
  • Sun Shine Beach Inn
  • La Breeze
  • Handagedara
  • Giragala Village
  • Hotel Silan Mo
  • Lantern
  • Seaworld Resort
  • Sayuri Guest and Cool Bar
  • Villa Mangroves
  • Coral Beach Hotel
  • Shehan Guest House
  • Giragala Village
  • Talaramba Reef
  • Mandara Resort
  • Paradise Beach Club
  • Hidden Lotus Courtyard and many more.

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